March 26th, 2012 @ 10:51 pm

One of my beloved grandmother’s favorite sayings was “tell it like it is”. She believed that putting your truth out there – being honest (but still kind) – was a better alternative to fooling oneself or fooling others. Dafna is one of those people who I admire for putting her truth “out there”. For personal reasons, she decided to shave all her hair off, so our photo shoot was centered around photographing her in a way that conveyed the vulnerability, as well as her strength and her beauty.

The top image is part of an on-going series of close-up portraits, a sort of “tell it like it is” photograph. This series has an intentional “raw” feel to it so all subjects are asked to wear little to no makeup. I also ask my subjects to bring items that they would normally wear on any given day or to bring something that has sentimental value to them, to add interest and authenticity.

For the second photograph, I’d recently acquired a flower backdrop which was added to my bag of photography tricks, knowing that the right time to use it would eventually show itself. I thought that playing traditional roles against each other – (feminine) flowers with a (traditionally masculine) shaven head – would be worth exploring with her.

With most shoots, I try to capture an image that I know will become a black and white photograph, even though we are shooting in color. The bottom photograph was set up for just that purpose.

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